Procedures Page

Mount Pleasant Lions Club

Procedure for Obtaining New Members


 Membership shall be acquired by invitation only. Nominations shall be made on forms provided by the MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE and/or the SECRETARY and shall be signed by a member in good standing who is acting as sponsor.

  No prospective member shall be invited to join the Mount Pleasant
Lions Club, nor shall visit as a guest during consideration and/or
nomination, until after his/her nomination has been approved in the
following manner:

1. Sponsoring member fills out the proposal for membership and
submits it to the Membership Committee, WHO SHALL EXPIDITE action
on the application.

2.  Membership Committee thoroughly investigates prospective member,
and after a thorough investigation, the Membership Committee will
announce the prospective member's name at one of the regular
meetings or will cause it to be published in the "Lionette."

3.  Any objection to a proposed member may be voiced either in
writing or in person to the Membership Committee.  Consideration
will be given to the opinions expressed by all Club members before
final action is taken on the proposed member.  If no objection is 
voiced within one week, the Membership Committee will advise the
sponsor of the prospective member's acceptance and the sponsor
may then contact the new member and invite him/her to join the club.
If an objection is voiced to the proposed member the Membership
Committee will refer the matter to the Board of Directors for action
on the application.

4.  If the prospective member wishes to join the Club, the sponsor
will advise the Membership Committee, and the sponsor will collect
the required fees and submit them to the Secretary along with the
approved application for membership.  The Secretary will add the new
member's name to the roll.

5.  As soon as the fees have been paid, the Membership Committee
will cause a resume of the new member's background to be published
in the "Lionette" and the sponsoring member will introduce the
new member at the next regular inside meeting of the Club and will
review the new member's background, family, job position, etc., so
all members can become thoroughly acquainted with him/her.

6.  The Membership Committee will hold an invitation of the new
members as soon as possible at a regular meeting of the Club.