Mount Pleasant Lions Club
Schedule of Fees and Member Dues

Effective Date: 1 October 2009

1. ENTRANCE FEE. Each new, reinstated and transfer member shall pay an entrance fee of $30 which fee shall include the current association entrance fee and be collected before such member is enrolled as a member of this club and before the secretary may report such member to Lions Clubs International; provided, however, that the board of directors may elect to waive all or any part of the club portion of said entrance fee as to any member granted membership by transfer or reinstatement within six (6) months of termination of her/his prior Lions club membership.

2. MONTHLY DUES. Each member of this club shall pay the following indicated monthly dues which dues shall include an amount to cover current international and district (single or sub- and multiple) dues (to defray the subscription price of THE LION Magazine, administrative and annual convention cost of the association and similar district costs) and shall be paid in advance at such times as the board of directors shall determine.

$28....Life, if he/she remains active
$15....Leave of absence (board-approved)

If a member and spouse are both Active members, the monthly dues will be $28 each.

If an active Member wishes to participate in an Instituitonal/Corporate Membership, the monthly dues will be $43. This program allows the Active member to send another individual from the institution/corporation to the club meeting if he/she is unable to attend.

3. CAMPUS MEMBER DUES. The annual dues for campus members of the campus club branch shall be $42 for student 30 and younger, and $61.50 for those older than 30. Dues would be twice each semester.

4. SPECIAL OCCASION DINNERS. For special dinners, including the adult Christmas Party and Charter Night, members shall be billed $25 per couple ($12.50 per individual) and non-member guest $55 per couple ($27.50 per individual).

5. FEES AND DUES WAIVERS. Fees and dues for the club secretary and treasurer shall be waived.

The proposal replace the fee structure adopted by the membership with a mail ballot (19 Nov 2008) and made effective 1 Jan 2009 by the Board at its 24 Nov 2008 meeting.