2002 Lion's Club Chicken Dinner

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David Manville and just in time
to work the "pits"

 Anyone for raw

 We know where
the dumpster came
from,,,how about
these guys???

 They seem to be
telling the chicken they will like the butter sauce.

 Ain't love in the pits grand?

 What's a little smoke among friends.

 The delivery team extraordinary

 No editorial comment needed!

 Just happy to be here.

Oh, for a juicy hamburger about now

Sending the smell of Lions Chicken throughout Mt Pleasant.

 Are these trays getting heavier?



 Hey, these buns are still warm!

 John Schiede, BBQ
Chair with Gary Conant

 Mount Pleasant
Sea Cadets

 Looks good enough to eat!

 Past District Gov. Harry Johnson helps to keep the butter melted.

 Thanks to all the volunteers. It couldn't be done without you.

Pictures courtesy of Lion John Jackson